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Police Scanner Live - Check Out Our Live Police Scanner Feeds, Scanner Code Database & Ten-code Definitions. Listen Live NOW: high speed pursuits, foot chases, riots, auto theft, weather, car crash, drug busts, traffic stops, fires, disasters and other major emergencies and crimes in progress. 24-hour audio broadcasts of police scanners from around the world. Live police scanner action as it happens...

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Police Scanner Info

Police scanners can provide valuable and even life-saving information to law abiding citizens. Unfortunately, there are also those with malicious intent who try to use scanners to thwart law enforcement. The debate over public access to police frequencies has gone on for years and continues to be a hot topic.

In April of 2013, during the hunt for the Boston Marathon bombers, police actually had to blackout public access to frequencies because citizens were tweeting and posting unverified information they heard on scanners. This complicated law enforcement's job in their pursuit of the criminals. We understand that in severe situations these measures can and must be taken, but in general we feel that the airwaves should have free and easy access and not be censored.

Some police departments are moving toward secure, encrypted channels for radio transmissions. This would prohibit all citizens from listening to the happenings in their neighborhood. We feel this would actually be harmful and create a situation where citizens who may be in danger will never be able to be aware of that fact.

Back to the Boston Marathon bombers, many people in the Boston area tuned in to the local police frequencies to try to keep track of where the bombers may be or where they may be going. As you can imagine, those people wanted to know if these dangerous criminals were close to their neighborhood or on their street... or in their backyard!

Yes, there are times when a broadcast of the location of spike strips in the road (to stop a high-speed chase) caused the fleeing criminals to turn off the road and go in a different direction to avoid the spike strip - they had been listening to a scanner. But there are also many more times when information from scanners has helped keep law abiding citizens informed and safe.

We believe the positives of being able to know what is going on in your (or another) neighborhood far outweighs the negatives of possible criminal use of police scanners.

Crime Data Websites

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